Top 10 Carry-On Essentials

I’ll be visiting Australia soon and I thought I would share what I have in my carry on!

For my bag, I am using the black sling bag which is actually really spacious. I bought it at Platinum Mall in Bangkok if I remembered correctly. The list of essentials I have excludes important items such as your passport and flight information.

#1. Earpiece

Earpiece is really important to me because usually on the plane, I would listen to my playlists instead of the ones on the plane. To be honest, 90 percent of my time on the plane is used to sleep haha. I recommend downloading your favourite songs before the flight and save the hassle of finding them on the digital device installed in the seats. My earpiece is just the normal iPhone 6s earpiece.

#2. Makeup pouch

My makeup pouch for the flight is relatively little. I just bring with me products that I really need such as powder, lip tint, lip balm and maybe concealer. Really simple! I keep the rest in my checked in luggage. These items are good enough to make me look human.

#3. Wallet

This is a given. I got this wallet from Ezbuy for only SGD$4 and it looks like I got it from an expensive shop.

#4. Portable charger

You’ll need to save your phone after using it to kill time. Some planes have a charging port at your seat so I just bring it with me in case.

#5. Umbrella

The weather is quite unpredictable. This umbrella is quite light and sufficient for 2 people. I rather play safe than be sorry later on.

#6. Tissue

I usually bring both wet and dry tissue on the plane. As I have an oily face, I will use the wet wipe to clean off the oil so that I can touch up my makeup before landing. The dry tissue is for any emergencies.

#7. Roll-on perfume

Omg I have to have a travel size perfume whenever I travel. I have a dog nose. I can’t stand smelling bad anytime, anywhere. The travel size perfume is good enough and can last me for very long. Currently, I am liking the Versace Bright Crystal. It smells so goodddd.

#8. Female necessities

Whenever I travel, I have to make sure whether I will be having my period during the trip or not. I keep track of my period using the period calendar because I can’t remember when I had my period previously. This may be too much information but I will bring along a pad (30cm-41cm) just in case anything happens.

#9. Neck Pillow

Since I like to sleep a lot on the plane, I want to ensure that I have a good sleep. I’ve received this from my friend for Christmas. What a good timing! I can use it on my upcoming trip!

#10. Mints

Ohhh my. Bad breath is not cute at all especially night flights. After you wake up, your breath will stink like there is no tomorrow. My favourite is the Fisherman’s Spearmint.

These are my carry-on essentials! What are yours?

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