5 Tips for projects

I have suddenly thought of sharing my thoughts on how to handle and do well in projects since I have gone through so many projects with different kinds of people.

#1 Know more about your group mates

It is important to know what kind of group members you are going to work with. It helps in workload separation and communication. Like any other group, there bound to be one person who will procrastinate and commence their work at the very last minute. Also, there is a free rider who practically does not do anything.

My advice is “You have to accept your teammates as who they are and this is how they are. You don’t have the power of changing them.”

Be prepared to have regular screams and pulling your hair when working with them. The frustration gets to you.

#2 Divide work based on capabilities.

Why give an important part to someone who will not do their work? Divide the workload knowing that they will accomplish their part. If there is a huge quantity, have maybe 2 or 3 people to do it together so that it will not be taxing on them.

It does not mean that because A is more capable and B is not, A should do most of the work. B will be considered a free rider then. Give B some work, but constant check with him to see if he has done his work and whether he needs help.

#3 Have your own datelines

This dateline is different from your teacher’s submission date. In your team, set datelines for your group mates to finish their parts. This will help you keep track of the progress and to finish your project on time. To someone people, they may work harder under pressure. Hence knowing that the dateline is reaching soon, they will quickly get their work done.

#4 Encouragement

Encouragement is an important factor. Everyone will be stressed out by the project and they have no motivation to carry on. Cheering on one another helps to liven the mood and push them further towards the finishing line.

#5 Be a naggy mom

Constant gentle reminders have to be given to your members, asking them to do their parts. It may make you look bad. Have a balance. You can nag in a cheerful or funny manner. Sacrifices have to be made in this world.

After you guys read my post, you may feel that these points are similar to being a tanker. Well honestly, in my opinion, grades are more important and I’ll do my best even if I have to be the bad person. You can work your way around. You need not come across as a fierce member but in worse case scenario, if you do meet a hopeless case, do what you have to do.

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