Accepting the Blogger Recognition Award

Accepting the Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you, Melissa, from My Chirpy Life for nominating me for this award. It was unexpected that I will be nominated for this award. This award is a great deal for me as this is my first step to success.


What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by bloggers to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication put into their blog.

This is an amazing award to be presented with, because starting a new blog is, “No walk in the park.” It requires tons of energy, time and patience. There is a wide variety of skills necessary for blogging, and most of these skills are new to me.

So, receiving this award is a great honour and each blogger who receives it should be proud of what they have accomplished, and also remember this isn’t the finish line, just a milestone. There is always more growth and knowledge to obtain. Take this award wear it with pride and keep building your blog.

What is “My Chirpy Life” and who is Melissa?

“My Chirpy Life” is a Singaporean parenting and lifestyle blog. The author behind this site is Melissa, a Singaporean Mummy to four beautiful kids. She doesn’t hesitate to share fun places, amazing healthy recipes and tips on handling new-born. Check out her blog here!

About “Thoughts in mind”:

I started blogging because I wanted to spend my holidays fruitfully and to improve my writing. There are many instances where I will google on topics regarding school but I could hardly find any blogs on it. Starting this blog creates a good chance to create content on these areas such as school, beauty and lifestyle.

I have an interest in makeup and I am a supporter of Korean and drugstore products. My friends have asked for tips on makeup and I thought that I could share with the rest!

My Tips to New Bloggers:

#1 – Do not be afraid

To be honest, you can’t run away from judgment. When we all started, there will be a fear of being judged for our grammar, content, photography skills and much more. As you continue to write more, you will gradually overcome this fear. There is no harm trying out different things. Just give it a shot!

#2 – Don’t be discouraged

It takes time for people to discover your blog and build traffic. All you need to do is to post regularly! You can promote your blog by joining Facebook Community Blogging Group and even on social media. Technologies are so advanced these days.

#3 – Post Consistently

By posting consistently, you can discover your writing style and it also helps in maintaining your traffic. Having a promising blog encourages you to create more content and it is good for your readers. Try to post at least once a week.

My Nominations:

  1. Antonia Robison at Atoniarobisonblog
  2. Candice at Day Dreamer Teen
  3.  Brooke Nicole Clarke at Brookeclarke
  4. Claudia at Blogclaudiamatias
  5. Nompumelelo at Galelagasetheblog
  6. Celine Chiam at Chiamhuiy
  7. Lauren at Lovelaurenellen
  8. Jess at Lifeandjess
  9. Rhea at Rheawrites
  10. Laura at Lauzies Lifestyle

Rules for accepting this award:

• Take the time to thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
• Write a post to show your award
• Give a brief story how your blog started
• Give pieces of advice to new bloggers
• Select 10-15 other bloggers you want to give this award
• Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them, provide the link to the post you created



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