What’s in my school bag

School is starting soon and that means we have to prepare the essentials for school. I like to watch Youtube videos on back to school series because it is relatable, so I thought I’ll share mine! For my school bag,

For my school bag, I use a tote bag as I don’t really like to carry backpacks for some reason. I bought my bag from Bangkok and it is quite sturdy and spacious.

#1 – Pencil Case

My pencil case was given to me as my birthday present three years ago and it is from Typo. Inside my pencil case includes the basic stationaries such as highlighters, pen, mechanical pencil, correction tape etc. I recommend bringing highlighters as it is very handy and the colours make studying more interesting and fun in my opinion.

#2 – Lecture books

I don’t really have textbooks for Poly, I just have lecture books for lectures and tutorial. I usually get my notebooks for tutorials from either Typo or Muji. Sometimes Typo has good deals on the big notebooks and they are cute too. Muji notebooks are quite affordable as well. Just a tip on buying tutorial notebooks, I like

Just a tip on buying tutorial notebooks, I like to analyse my timetable and see which modules are able to fit one notebook. If each module has one notebook and you have multiple tutorials that day, your school bag will be heavy. Hence usually I’ll only have two or three tutorial notebooks.

#3 – Makeup pouch

I believe wearing makeup to school is quite common nowadays. I’ll usually bring a loose powder, a lipstick (whichever I am feeling that day), a mirror and a roll-on perfume. The makeup pouch I am currently using is the clear pouch from Taobao, pretty inexpensive. My favourite loose powder is the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, it is good for oily skin and touching up throughout the day.

#4 – Portable Charger

A charger is really important. I doubt any student’s phone battery can last throughout the day with the constant use of social media and mobile games. I am using Xiaomii portable charger.

#5 – Wallet

Needless to say, a wallet is one of the must-haves in your bag.

That’s all I have in my bag! Please give it a like and share it if you’ve enjoyed the post!



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