First Day of Poly Survival Tips

Worried about your first day at school? No worries I’ve got you.

I still remember my first day of school at NYP (orientation). I was lonely and scared. I used to be an introvert (although I still am), now, I am not afraid of interacting with people. I did not dare to approach people and would try my ultimate best to rely on myself to find my way around.

I envied those who had friends who attended the same school as them. I busied myself with social media and waited for instructions. I went into the auditorium and sat beside a girl who is my best friend now. I am glad that she made the first move to talk to me.

There are some things I wish I had equipped myself back then.

  • Enthusiasm
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissues

Moving to a new environment, we may have cold feet. The first day of orientation is actually important as you’ll meet your classmates for the first time. Some of them will be your close friends for the next three years. Being enthusiastic means engaging in the activities that are planned for you and making as many friends as possible. Don’t be afraid to talk to them first, they won’t bite! Imagine if no one made the first move. How are you going to enjoy your next few years in school?

Orientation may have a few physical activities and of course, the after party. You’ll bound to break a sweat. I wished I had brought wet wipes to clean myself so that I won’t feel sticky and for hygiene purposes too.


Now for tips on the first day of school.

1. Be an early bird

With that extra few minutes, you can use it to find your classroom. I was actually late on the first day as I couldn’t find where my classroom was located. Teachers will usually give leeway regarding your attendance on the first few days as you’ll need to time to adjust.

Being early also allows you to freshen up before class starts. You may sweat a lot from the walking from the MRT to your school. You may even drop by the canteen to grab a bite especially when you have an early class and have no time to have breakfast at home.

2. Stationaries

This is the most common thing that everyone should know. Do bring some writing materials like paper and pen to jot down the important pointers mentioned by teachers. There will always be someone in your class who will not bring writing paper and they may ask to borrow from you. Sharing is caring.

3. Purchasing of lecture notes

I only knew when to buy my lecture notes and textbooks when I started school. Hence, do look out for signage that tells you where to buy your lecture notes from. You can check out your school’s Twitter Page on the dates and timing as well. For NYP, the username is @NYPConfessions.

If possible, try to avoid buying your notes during lunchtime as the queue will be as long as the queue at the Immigration Checkpoint. What I like to do is to find someone who I know, is already in the queue. Yes, some of you may think it is not fair. Do ask if the person is okay with helping you out and treat him or her to show your gratitude.

4. Look presentable

The first impression counts. Make it a point to wear a little bit better on your first day. But nothing sexy or over the top since it is just school. Make sure that you are comfortable in those clothes as it helps you to focus during classes and also throughout the day. Comfortable clothes should also give you confidence. Why wear something that degrades yourself? You may want to bring a cardigan or a jacket should you feel cold during lectures or in the classrooms. For some outfits ideas, you can visit my Pinterest below.

5. Mints

Sweets are good to keep you awake during class and to freshen your breath (you won’t want to have talked to someone with a bad breath). My ultimate favorite is the Fisherman’s Friend Spearmint. I have gone through countless packs of this.


Related image
Photo Credits: Fisherman’s Friend


6. Sleep

Last but not least, sleep. Sleep is very important and you won’t want to attend your first day of school looking like a ghost. You’ll need the energy to fight through the day and to also pay attention in class.

Enjoy your first day of school before the start of your hectic weeks ahead! Make more friends and meet your teachers.


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